Zara’s top 4 tips for shaping and outlining your eyebrows

There are many eyebrow products on the market thus be tricky to decide what to use where in order to get the best results. I have therefore created a quick and simple guide on how to get the best-looking eyebrows. 


If you have any gaps in your brow, then you can use an eyeshadow or brow power to fill it in which matches your brows colour. This can be done with either an angled brow brush or a spoolie. Other alternatives can be waxes, pencils, and gel’s. The latter two being the most adaptable. If you have opted for a pencil, make sure you keep sharpening the edge, multiple times if you need to. 


  • Top tip number one: Always aim to work from the inner section of the brow outwards. Gently brushing in the same direction of the growth. 
  • Top tip number two: Brush a spoolie through your eyebrows to disperse of any lines after filling them in with a pencil or powder.
  • Top tip number three: Do your brows look too dark or over filled? Gently brush a small amount of face powder through them to lighten them up a little. 
  • Top tip number four: The inner section of your brow should directly align with the corner of your eye. Then along the length of the brow, the arch should be applied three-fourths of the way down. When completing the tail end, its recommended to follow the natural shape of the brow.