How do I find the perfect makeup artist?

Simple! Head over to a search engine such as Google and explore for makeup artists in your area. Next, Google will recommend those nearest and the most viewed salons. Each artist should have a website highlighting their services and previous work. They may also have social media channels such as Instagram & Facebook where you can find some of their latest work. Browsing through their online gallery and social media feed should give you a good idea on the variety of work this particular makeup artist has completed. An artist who can show adaptability is great because you will of course have your own identity and style, nobody wants to look the same. Thereon after its important to read through the artists client testimonials. A positive response from previous clients is a good sign that the artist has the experience and skills.

The final stage would be to call the artist. Speaking to them and asking them all the questions you may have. An experienced artist should be able to answer all your questions and put you at ease with anything you may be worried about. Afterall, she will be a part of your big day hence you will want somebody who is calming and relaxed, even if things may not go to plan.